Your international travellers are all over the world for you on the go and deserve a proper administrative support. I work with you as an experienced interim force in administratively supervising your frequent travelers and expatriate staff in providing you and them with carefully researched information. Tax, social security and residence regulations may offer any unexpected surprises, I have been and still do work in close cooperation with specialists, gladly handling this role with your long-term committed partners, drawing up services, especially assignment solutions for lengthy business travels as well as international assignments through optimized conditions to run smoothly.

Through many years of experience in pinpointing and identifying challenges of international assignments, I offer support to your in-house staff in taking care of your international travelling executives and assignees. In many cases, you will be able to benefit from associated services such as tax advice, global mobility policy development, compensation and benefits of my many years of assignment in different companies and close cooperation with appointed experts. Knowledge about the challenges in international HR projects proved a valuable experience to understand expatriates.

Having lived abroad myself, I bring both a unique personal experience and a professional understanding of those challenges the company and employees will face. I serve countries around the globe, to which different industries, e.g. machinery and plant construction, pharmaceutical and chemical products, automotive supply industry and services in the financial and banking sector are strategically important.

I familiarize myself in operational tasks not only particularly in conventionally known countries in the Americas, EMEA and Asia, but in single African countries as well. Each assignment regardless of who gains from it is thoroughly investigated to detect typical pitfalls. Ultimately, expertise in the areas of Immigration Law, Labor Law or in the subject Social Security can be necessary by means of on -site support. In which case my routine to address issues can help changing the course of events through timely communication.

Because Global Mobility needs to consider state-of-art in various disciplines, unfortunately, this is not about the next highly educated expert who will focus on just one major compliance topic, e.g. labor law and / or visa regulations for you and make your day. Instead of the one fixing it, you need a sound expert in HR who navigates between all these disciplines, managing HR issues and eventually outsourcing when usual procedures have failed.